If you are a passionate person pursuing your dreams and ready for new challenges,
welcome to join us!

Learning Organization

Self transcendence, mind-set, systemic thinking, team learning and visionary leadership.

Global Tek Group is a people-oriented learning organization. Through a lean production management mindset, we aim at professionalism and technical accuracy. We grow as a company with an open-minded attitude, by sharing and integrating our resources. We create a leverage which leads to an environment in which we can always emulate those better than ourselves by proceeding forward together trying to reach common prosperity.

An organization which lives out the meaning of life

The industrial age regards the organization as a large machine, and the purpose of everyone’s existence is to keep the machine running smoothly. Today we are more willing than ever to treat the organization as a living organism, her existence is to live out the meaning of life, rather than just be a production machine! You are welcome to join us! Let us create a better shared vision!