Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

• Global Tek in order to implement corporate social responsibility, and to promote economic, environmental and social progress, with the goal to achieve sustainable development, based on the Best Practice Principles consolidated by TWSE and TPeX, Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles of this company are thus set out.

• The applicable subjects include this company and the group's overall business activities. While being engaged in business operations, this company will actively practice corporate social responsibility to meet international development trends, and through corporate citizenship we will enhance the national economic contribution to improve the quality of life of employees, communities, and society. We will aim at promoting competitive advantage based on corporate responsibility.

• In fulfilling the principles of corporate social responsibility, the company should pay attention to the interests of all parties involved. In pursuing sustainable management and profit, the company ought to pay attention to the interests of the environment, of the society, and of its corporate governance as well as the interests of the other parties involved. This will be incorporated into the company's management policies and operational activities.

• The company's practice of corporate social responsibility is subject to the following principles:
1. Implementing corporate governance.
2. Developing a sustainable environment.
3. Maintaining social welfare.
4. Strengthening the disclosure of corporate social responsibility information.


Stakeholders relationship

• The identification and communication of the stakeholders is the cornerstone of corporate social responsibility.

• Global Tek’s stakeholders include clients, employees, government agencies, shareholders and investors, suppliers, communities and nonprofit organizations.

• The concerns of our stakeholders are Global Tek’s main priority. Therefore, we have established a communication platform and channel to provide valuable advice and advice to stakeholders at all times.

• Global Tek has different degrees of interaction according to the stakeholders, in order to effectively use the company's resources, and to create mutually beneficial win-win relationships.

Communication channels for various issues of company stakeholders

Spokesperson/LIAN,RONG-YI;acting spokesperson/Donald Huang
+886-2-26963988 ; +886-3-4201398
hank_lian@globaltek.com.tw ;   donald@globaltek.com.tw