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Although the aviation business is a conservative but it fit our targeted market where has high entrance barrier and the customers have high expectation and demanding on their strategic suppliers.

Although the aviation market is very conservative, We attribute our success engagement into the aviation industry and working with those major tier I customers to our initiative helping the customers when they need us back to Y 2009 .With our willingness and professional service , we are not only merited to customer’s satisfaction but also gained the attention from more aviation industry’s leaders globally.

As aviation business is very engineering resource consuming and heavy capital investment , instead of blindly making over commitment , we set a long term strategy strictly by only focusing on the medium size of machined components with complex machining process as 『Where the big company is less competitive , but the small size of company can’t do 』.

With our continue effort and aggressive investment , we have a dedicated commodity team plus a dedicated production cell that including advance 5 axis machines and other turn mill centers strictly follow the AS-9100 certified quality system .

The parts that we serve in the aviation industry are , The representative products we are making are the jack head use on the thrust reversal and linear control system for B787 , as well as the oil server and heat exchange system use on Leap engineers for single aisle aircrafts such B737 Max , A320 Neo and C919 , that is not only endorse us to gain more business opportunity but also ensure our 25% annual growth in next coming years . 

Global Tek’s ultimate goal is to integrate all vertical strategic suppliers and to emulate all professional and conforms to AS-9100, NADCAP certified materials and surface treatment of upstream and downstream supply chain. Our uate for their type of business.

In addition of machining process and fulfill our one stop total service solution commitment , we invested in fluorescent inspection equipment and successfully passed NADCAP certification in Y 2013 . We extended the scope of our services, by including main/secondary flight control actuators, pilot seats, landing gear, engine parts, proximity sensors and other precision machinery components in the engines of A380, A 320, B787, C Series, A350 and Leap X. Materials include stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum, and special alloy steel.

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