Automotive Engine and Transmission System components

In addition of car safety system , Global Tek formed additional dedicated team mainly focus fuel economic system , that including the engine and transmission advance system back to Y 2007 , ten years from the past , we identified the most potential area where related to car efficiency , comfortableness and safety systems .working with them even since the product design stage by providing VA/VE service , we firm believe Global Tek’s true value is not just a pure me too service , we want to share our expertise and resource that including recommend the best fit material , the most cost effective way process , as well as for safe , reliable , economic logistic service , products ranges including engine systems, power transmission system turbochargers, exhaust gas recirculation , belt tensioners, vibration control and dual clutch gearboxes system etc , With our customers oriented philosophy plus total value proposition satisfaction service , we not earn a vast words of mouth reputation but also gain essential long term business with most key customers globally .

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