Environmental Policy

  • Compliance with environmental regulations

  • Resource recovery

  • Continuous Improvements

  • Reduce environmental impact


ISO 14001

2022.12.20 ~ 2025.12.19


2023.06.20 ~ 2026.06.19


2021.09.10 ~ 2024.09.15


Sustainable environment

The roof of the Xinwu factory is equipped with solar photovoltaic power generation facilities, with an installed capacity of 492.03KWP, which was Grid-connected on November 4, 2022.

GHG Management

• Global Tek conducted its first ever greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory according to the new version of ISO 14064-1 standard in 2022.
• While Global Tek is not currently subject to regulatory requirements for GHG emissions reporting and control, we proactively conduct a GHG project and closely monitor compliance with relevant regulations.
• Global Tek commissions an impartial third-party verification body to verify 2022 GHG inventory data and obtain the relevant verification statement.

Emissions(t CO2e)2022年
Direct EmissionsCategory 1444.711
Indirect EmissionsCategory 214,577.456
 Category 3332.681
 Category 42,547.743
Total GHG Emissions17,902.591

※Note:Above data represents the GHG emissions generated by the entire group (excluding GmbH and USA offices).