Automotive products

The automotive industry's second-tier (Tier II) senior supplier

We position ourselves as second tier OEM supplier to collaborate with world class Tier one manufacturers closely to serve the top line car maker such as Daimler, Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Geely, and Great Wall etc.

We have been engaging in the automotive OEM market since Y2000 and have been providing our precision machining parts and VA/VE engineering services to our customers who make airbag inflators, steering system, engines renovation system, EGR, Turbocharger, DCT, belt tension system, Assembly cam shaft system, AEB, ELSD etc.

Global Tek has provided valuable total solution services to most of our customers leading in different niche markets. Our businesses cover from domestic market in China to exporting to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Brazil etc. We also form a strategic ally with our upstream and downstream suppliers to provide even more economical and efficient services. Our strategy is to have both R&D centers and mass production sites in competitive cross straits , Taiwan ,Wuxi , Xian in China , in addition of that , to let our customers to work with us in most easy way , besides of our operation in both Taiwan and China , we also have professional and dedicated service team in Salt lake city , Denver /USA as well as Rothe in Germany .

As our name , Global Tek , we have wide base on customers globally from Asia , USA,Canada , Mexico ,Europe , and even from south of American , Brazi

At the same time, Global Tek has formed a strategic partnership with its upstream and downstream suppliers, thus providing customers with more economical and efficient services so that we can help those industry leaders with full capabilities and sizable competence , so that we can grow with them continuously .


Automotive Safety Systems (airbag inflators)


Automotive Engine and Transmission System components