Automotive Safety Systems (airbag inflators)

The inflators use on airbag parts require high quality requirement because the products itself are involved human liability , The material integrity, cost competitiveness and process trace ability are equal important .

Car safety and human liability are become a major topic in today’s market , the national policies as well as the rise of consumers’ awareness, the airbag market has been growing continuously Global Tek has been engaging in inflators for airbag system even since Y2000, the reasons we can pentrate this very conservitive marekt in very early stage , mainly because we sell our total valuable proposition service by integrating the high purity steel developed by China Steel for us ,most cost effective way to machine the forged material instead of using the bar stock to earn our competitiveness edge to attract the major player’s attention , so that we can unfold the business in global airbag inflator market

Thanks to the superiority of the materials and the positive feedback from clients all around the world, Global Tek has two major manufacturing sites in Taiwan and China , plus customers centers in the United States and Germany where the offices have been set up.

Apart from the existing products, Global Tek is committed to work with each industry leader and to participate their development of a new system of products, including steering wheel parts and shock absorber parts and the new advance proactive safety system etc. It is our goal and commitment to work with customers thoroughly and to help them to develop the most cost effective of the parts even since the products development till end of products end of life , we firm believe if we can help customers more , then more customers will spread of good words about us , for us globally .

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